With state-of-the-art R2R surface coating technology

We bring you THE FUTURE for High Thermal Conductivity & Strong Insulation

Ser-coating® is a novel micro/nano coating technology based on the surface of metal strips. Through YOOGLE’s unique high-precision R2R continuous composite deposition process, the metal strips are endowed with strong insulation, high interface thermal conductivity and excellent adhesion. Ser-coating®Insul materials boast superior processability which are suitable for various processes (such as stamping, roll forming, bending, high-temperature overlaying, printing (deposition), etc.). The surface coating always remains intact and the performance will not significantly attenuate. Ser-coating®Insul materials can be mass-produced by users into various parts for electrical insulation and interface thermal management.


 Scope of Supply



Coating Performance of Ser-coating®Insul


 Advantages at a glance

       Ser-coating®Insul material is a precoated metal strip with low thermal resistance and excellent electrical properties. According to different applications, YOOGLE engineers can flexibly adjust the parameters of thermal conductivity and insulation so as to meet the performance requirements specified by users.

    The significant advantages of Ser-coating®Insul are as follows: 
    1.Strong insulation with high thermal conductivity, can withstand the impact of large currents, fully ensure the safe and stable operation of the applied equipment 
    2.Excellent coating adhesion, no surface defects (such as particles, bubbles, shrinkage, etc.) 
    3.Excellent thermal conductivity 
    4.High corrosion resistance and chemical resistance 
    5.High heat resistance, part of the coating can withstand long-time high temperature above 200°C
    6.Environmentally friendly process, very low VOCs emissions 
    7.Excellent formability, suitable for mass production of parts with various shapes (such as cutting, stamping, etc.),
    8.Compatible with various surface treatment processes (printing, deposition, lamination, etc.)

A Wide Range of Application

        ●Metal substrates for PCB (aluminum-based, copper-based)

        ● Automobiles

        ● High strength seals/metal gaskets

        ●Communication Electronics/Television

        IC package carrier

        Lighting/Backlight/Mini-LED Substrates

         Power batteries and other chemical batteries

        Medical instruments



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