New product launch-- YOOGLE Cont-texturing? metal strips for beauty & utility unveiled

In recent days, with years of dedicated R&D, Shanghai Yoogle Metal Technology has successfully developed a novel micro-textured/structured metal strip, which can be directly used for the mass production of various decorative & functional parts/panels. With this advanced material, YOOGLE could help customers fix their product pain points related to high-value decorative & functional applications, particularly assisting them in meeting the increasingly stringent aesthetic challenges posed by consumers in this ever-changing new era. 


YOOGLE adopts an innovative digital “maskless” photo etching technology, which can produce colorful and high-precision mirco textures, patterns, arrays, reliefs and characters on metal substrates such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy.


State-of-the-art “maskless”photoetching surface technology

Through an optical energy oxidation process, YOOGLE achieves extremely durable color layers with micro/nano thicknesses on metal surface textures (original color), which can withstand the tests of various outdoor environments, and are not prone to discoloration.



In addition to its excellent surface quality, the production process of Cont-texturing® is rather environmentally friendly compared to other metal texturing processes such as chemical etching, which meets the requirements of sustainable development. 

The prominent advantages of Cont-texturing® metal coils are as follows:

? Excellent surface texture/pattern consistency

? Strong stain resistance/fingerprint resistance

? The etching depth of the surface texture/pattern is nanometer or micrometer, which is not easy to wear

? Colorful surface textures/patterns which are highly recognizable

? The surface texture/pattern contains an extremely thin metal oxide film with the same corrosion resistance as the metal substrate

? Sophisticated appearance that withstands visual and microscopic inspections

? The surface is very flat which does not change the flatness of the metal coil

? Environmentally-friendly production process

? Suitable for large-scale production of advanced decorative parts & panels

? Excellent formability, suitable for various post-forming processes (such as stamping, rolling, bending, cutting, etc.) which can significantly reduce the cost


     Cupping test                                                                                             Extreme bending test            

Simulation test for the surface texture attenuation of Cont-texturing® materials during various forming processes


 Scope of supply(substrates/dimensions/finishes/colors)

The scope of supply of Cont-texturing® is very wide. The following are some classic product series. Meanwhile, YOOGLE is very happy to develop more exquisite surface textures/structures with customers from various industries!


Cont-texturing® metal coils combine avant-garde looks with superior surface quality, making conventional metal substrates full of vitality. They can be used across a wide range of fields such as automobiles, consumer electronics, home appliances, kitchens & bathrooms, luxury goods, batteries, packaging, tooling, etc., which can assist customers in achieving the target products which are both eye-catching and multi-functional.



YOOGLE has successfully put in place a fully automated mass production line, which can realize large-scale continuous production of Cont-texturing® micro-textured metal coils. The line is designed in-house by the YOOGLE team. It is one of the few mass production lines in the whole world which can produce micro-textures/structures on the surface of metal substrates in a "roll-to-roll" manner.


As a future-oriented trail-blazing product which closely follows the trend, the wonderful rolling out of YOOGLE Cont-texturing® metal strips will definitely create infinite imagination space for high-value decorative parts/panel and functional applications across a wide range of industries.


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