About us
Founded in 2016, Yoogle has its facility located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Park. Yoogle is a tech company integrating the R&D as well as manufacturing of metal-based new materials. Not only do we have a professional and experienced team with an international background, but we have established long-term ties with a number of research institutes and enterprises across the world, with which we’ve been constantly challenging the limits of key material technologies, which has injected vitality into the sustainable development of YOOGLE.
Our core products
Having redefined the metal-based new materials, we will unswervingly press ahead with the innovation of the next-generation metal-based material technologies so as to meet the demand for new materials from the ever-changing industrial and technological development.
The R2R continuous nanocomposite deposition technology not only strengthens the functionality of metal, but also brings about changes for the future by new materials,thus creating more possibilities for such fields as new energy (chemical batteries), automobiles, electronic communications, construction, semiconductors, electronics & appliances, etc.
重磅新品——YOOGLE Cont-texturing?高颜值&多用途微纹理化金属卷带闪亮上市
转载:高工氢电?巡回 | 上海hjc888黄金城:革新工艺与质料 助力金属板“提质降本”
   金属双极板的研爆发产涉及流场设计与CFD仿真、模具设计与CAE剖析、模具制造、精密成型、精密焊接、外貌改性、原质料等多项技术,最终抵达稳定、可靠的制品难度也比较大。由于目今整个行业仍处于工业化前期,金属双极板的制作工艺流程有待完善,生产效率也有待提升。 4月1
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